Personal Training

Vivre's team of certified personal trainers can help you meet the fitness goals you are striving for. Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve muscle strength, or to train for a specific sport or event, our trainers will design a program based on your needs.

All training programs include some form of functional training and core stability work, which is based on our belief that core strength is the most important component of fitness for all individuals for enhanced daily function.



Have you been avoiding specific exercises, or exercise all together because of a prior injury, or for fear of injuring yourself further? Have you been dieting, cleansing, juicing, fasting and exercising like crazy; trying harder than ever, but still feel like you're losing ground? Do you want to finally feel like your health and fitness are in your own hands, and back in your control? Small Group Training will help you get back in control.


Pilates is a form of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates, which emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility and awareness in order to support efficient graceful movement. 

Pilates Reformer